safety consultants

Inotek Safety Consultants, LLC is a full service firm devoted to providing a wide array of safety services. We provide cost effective solutions that include Safety Professional Staffing, Safety Attendant Services, Safety & Health Consultation and Stand-by Rescue Teams. Occupational Medicine, Safety Rental Equipment and Grade-D Breathing Air are also included in the services that we provide. At Inotek, we seek to tailor our business solutions to each client’s individual needs in an effort to increase safety and quality, resulting in an injury-free work environment.To learn more about other divisions within Inotek Safety Consultants, please visit our website.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Inotek Safety to deliver innovative technical safety solutions for our business partners.

It is our number one priority to provide customized solutions to meet client needs and help to achieve optimum overall business performance.

Our Promise

We will enhance your operation by improving quality and empowering employees to be leaders in safety & health so that they can produce an injury free environment.

Our Experience

The Safety and Health Professionals at Inotek have over 30+ years of experience in the following sectors: